Glen Gray – Director of Business Development

Glen Grey

The Professional

Knowledgeable and effective executive with over 40 years of sales, marketing, operational, and leadership experience in complex environments. 

Glen has spent much of his career designing, building, and delivering IT solutions, especially providing professional services for government clients.

Previous experience includes client relationship development, contract management, recruiting, and service delivery.

Glen spent the first sixteen years of his career with IBM, as a systems engineer and senior client executive.

My approach to most client activities is “consultative”, with a focus on problem solving:

  • Understand Today/Current State
  • Establish Goals/Future State
  • Design and Execute “Transition” to move from “Today” to “Future”

The Personal

Married to Ellen for over 40 years, three grown children and five grandchildren.

Enjoy time with friends and family – Bourbon is the beverage of choice.

Was a golfer – no time now and I strongly dislike what LIV has done to the game.

A graduate of Lafayette College – a long time ago