Diamond Technologies goes beyond a normal IT service provider, embodying a truly valued partner

By choosing Diamond Technologies, we have not only gained top-notch IT support, but a true partner for our business to help us navigate all the various IT challenges that crop up during operations, acquisitions, maintenance, and expansion.

What sets Diamond apart from other service providers we have used in the past, is their comprehension of the symbiotic relationship between our success and theirs. In every respect, Diamond stands as a faithful business associate, offering much more value that surpasses the traditional role of merely being an IT service provider.

Robert Wirth CEO
Dupont Country Club

Your Dependable Tech Partners – Committed, Trusted, and Always Ready to Resolve!

The vCIO advisory services offered by Diamond have proven to be an invaluable asset for me. I completely trust Diamond to stand in as our acting CIO to attend meetings and consult on major decisions from IT procurement to modernization. Their recommendations are always impartial, including times when their suggestions may not be in their own best interest. They effectively cut through the clutter to keep us abreast of any upgrades we need to keep our environment secure; this has been a game-changer for me.

Relationships are also important to me. Diamond's team is well-acquainted with me, my organization, and our values. Whenever I reach out to Diamond, I know for certain that I will speak with a real person who understands our unique structure, how we provide service to our clients, and what our business objectives are. Having that context is so vital to a positive experience.

If you are looking for an IT company you can trust and truly rely on – look no further than Diamond. Be it a weekend, a holiday, or any other day, they are consistently responsive to every challenge and inquiry we present. They are never burdened by my requests, demonstrating genuine enthusiasm for providing long-term solutions. This sense of reliability truly solidifies our relationship.

Gabby Country Schultz CEO
Delaware Health Net, Inc

It's Like We Have An IT Guy In The Family

Since Diamond Technologies took over our IT support, we have a sense of security that we have not had in the past. I don’t have to worry and can rest easy knowing that we’re updated and secure on all fronts. When we need anything, they are only a call away and ready to provide the best support.

Unlike other IT companies we have worked with in the past, Diamond Technologies truly knows our network and employees. I often forget that they have other customers because of the amount of attention and support we receive. This goes to speak for the quality of relationships they have with their customers. It’s like we aren’t clients, we’re family!

Diamond is there for us and they save the day, time and time again. From onsite support to regular meetings with our team, we know we are appreciated and valued as a customer. If you’re looking for great IT support that makes you feel like a member of the family, not just a number, then Diamond Technologies is the choice for you!

Stephanie Millward Director of System Integrations
Sobieski Enterprises, Inc

Diamond’s Defense Plan – Offering Multi-Tiered Cybersecurity – Beyond Protection, It’s Mitigating Risk

Diamond delivers an all-encompassing cybersecurity defense through a multi-layered strategy, recognizing that a single tool or service cannot guarantee protection against cyber risks. This comprehensive protection is further enhanced by a team of experts committed to aiding your organization in implementing, managing, and addressing any potential cyber threat.

Diamond's understanding of cybersecurity surpasses its market counterparts. In comparison, many other outsourced IT groups deploy passive single-source solutions that appear to operate more as a recovery system, rather than a robust defense layer.

The question isn't "if" your network will be compromised by a cyberattack, but "when." We're all a mere click away from having our defenses tested and possessing multiple defensive layers complemented by a proficient SOC team provides your best defense against an attack.

Michael Van Deurse Network Administrator & Vice President of Engineering
Double E Company

Experience Unparallel IT support – Ensuring Business Reliability and Instilling Confidence Daily!

Since the Delaware Business Roundtable became a Diamond Technologies client, we have consistently received prompt and professional IT support with clear communications regarding the status of any reported issue. Diamond has shown remarkable reliability and accessibility, exceeding our expectations based on the firms we worked with in the past.

If you are deciding what factor you should consider when choosing your next IT company, I would stress that confidence should be a key component. As a client, I need assurance that my systems will be operational with minimal downtime, as we cannot transact business without it. Diamond Technologies instills that confidence on a daily basis – they have never failed to resolve an issue we have reported!

Bob Perkins Bob Perkins Executive Director
Delaware Business Roundtable

Diamond Technologies: Transforming IT Support From Reactive to Proactive, with a Personal Touch!

Diamond has been able to bring us steady support in terms of managed services. This is a significant shift from our previous experiences with IT companies that BrightFields engaged with, where their focus was mainly reactive and not tackling the root problem.

We now have IT stability, even as Diamond hires new team members. They have consistently demonstrated affability, even when we need a non-urgent matter addressed quickly.

Every organization needs to assess its unique situation, but if you are looking to build a relationship with your next IT partner and receive a “personal” touch whenever you need assistance, you need to reach out to Diamond Technologies.

A Shafer Andrew Shafer GIS Analyst
BrightFields, Inc

Diamond Technologies Gives Us Expert And LOCAL IT Support

The biggest benefit we have received from working with Diamond Technologies is being able to focus on my business, not the network and infrastructure. We have a full team of managed services experts instead of relying on one or two people if we attempted to keep it in-house.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a tech call who is in a different time zone and doesn’t know your system. With Diamond Technologies, we have someone who is not only knowledgeable but also local to support us when we need them, 24/7!

If you are looking for an IT company with personal service, Diamond Technologies is the choice for you. No more feeling like a small fish in a big pond, competing for support!

Michael Fink Michael Fink CAO & Director of Information Technology
Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay